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Monday, November 14, 2016

Shadow Princess (Taj Mahal Trilogy, #3)

Although the book is third in the series of three, I have no problem in the reading.

It begins with the death of Mumtaz upon the birth of her 14th child in 19 years of marriage. Even opium could not alleviate the struggle she was under. Her husband, the Emperor of all Hindustan, mourned her passing culminating in a most splendid mausoleum for his beloved.

Not all the children survived. Not all the sons became the men they could have been ....... the bane of alcohol and opium. Shah Jahan found solace in his eldest daughter, Jahanara who found herself undertaking the running of her father's zenana (harem) and having to mature fast. Like most royal princesses of the realm, she and her sisters Roshanara and Gobarara were doomed to never marry, unless ofcourse ordered to by the emperor.

Yes, Sundaresan has a unique way of storytelling. Some of the pages picture like scenes from the Bollywood movies .........

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